Welcome to Lasting Memories for Pets

Honoring pet loss with care and compassion.

Has a pet touched your life?

With their unconditional love and dedication, we love them as they love us. Through good and bad times, they are our friends and healers.

But what do we do with our broken hearts when our beloved pet dies? We turn to someone we can trust to preserve our special friend’s memories with care and compassion. That’s where Lasting Memories for Pets’ services come in.

When your pet dies, the grieving that follows can be as deep as when the people in your life die. Perhaps it’s because our pet gives us unconditional love and devotion throughout their lifetime. They are our confidants, companions and often, our best friends.

The cremation service you select for your pet should fit the needs of the family. At Lasting Memories for Pets, we treat your pet as we would a family member at their time of death and with the utmost care and compassion. After all, your pet is a family member, too.

To honor the memories of your pet and the love you shared with him or her, we offer a wide selection of cremation and memorial services and products. Our urns and personalized items are made of the finest quality materials suitable for a lasting tribute.

Thank you for visiting Lasting Memories for Pets. We welcome your call, online order or review of our site to learn more about how we honor pet loss with care and compassion.

Cheryl L. Lankford-Owner