Just as with funeral services for loved ones, our ideas of how we want our pets remembered differ as well. We provide, if requested, pet services in our chapel, urns, caskets, and small keepsakes that keep your pet close to you forever.With Lasting Memories for Pets, client families are assisted in selecting the following services.

Only years ago, it was common practice to bury the family pet in the backyard. With a marker and a prayer, we said goodbye. But today, most of us choose cremation for our pets, just like we do members of our families who pass.

These days, we don’t want to leave our pets behind when we move. After their death, we want them cremated and placed with us, or scattered somewhere that holds special meaning to us all.

Veterinarians are our trusted partners when our pet needs healing, but why not entrust your pet to Lasting Memories for Pets in their death?

Private Cremation

This service guarantees you’ll receive your pet through individual and private cremation.

Memorial Services

Memorial services can be arranged for family members as well as other pets in your household, since your remaining pets grieve, too.

Communal Cremation

This service allows client families to follow through with the cremation process, but the cremated remains are not returned.

Urns, Caskets & Keepsakes

We offer a vast selection of urns, caskets & keepsakes for you to help memorialize your faithful companions.

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Should your pet pass away at your home or a veterinarian’s office, our staff is available to pick up your pet 24 hours a day.
Pre-planning and pre-payment plans also are available as part of our services.